A Letter from Seely Place Principal Carol L. Bartlik


As we welcome Spring and enter our third trimester, I am reminded of all of the exciting learning and events yet to come this year at Seely Place School.  While we continue to preserve the rich traditions and history of the school, we are committed to providing our students with innovative learning experiences.  Recently, several classrooms have been outfitted with interactive flat panels and teachers are being trained to use this tool to facilitate effective engagement and interactivity with students.   We are fortunate to have a PTA that not only supports cultural arts, and environmental and global awareness, but innovative learning experiences as well.  Recently, they most generously helped us to update our Science Lab with new furniture, Chrome Books and an interactive flat panel.  Our goal with this room is to create a space where students collaborate as design thinkers and teachers become facilitators, supporting their projects.

Seely Place continues to be an exciting learning environment.  We support our students as they become global citizens and take responsibility for themselves, others and the world around them.


Around Our School

School News

  • Seely 5th & 6th Grade Circus

    5th and 6th graders made their big debut today performing in the Seely Circus!  They worked with the National Circus Project this week and learned to ride unicycles, juggle, "walk a tightrope" and more.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • "Jaws, Paws & Claws! First Grade

    Animal Wisdom Tales From Around the World" with storyteller Luann Adams - Crocodiles, Tigers & Bears and more!  Animals in folklore talk, and teach us through their stories, the wisdom ancient peoples wished to pass to their listeners about how day came to follow night, how to resolve conflicts peacefully, and how the animals can teach human beings about appreciating one another. 


    Seely Place Elementary School
  • National Circus Project Visits Seely Place

    Seely 5th and 6th Graders will perform their "circus" this Friday night at 7:30pm at the Pantherdome.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Second Grade Chess Champions

    Second graders, Eric Li and Scarlett Chen  won the first place 2nd grade team trophy for Westchester County Scholastic Chess Championship.  The championship took place at Columbus Elementary school on March 18th.  Congratulations!
    Seely Place Elementary School
  • "Day In Clay" Mask Making Workshop

    Third graders made masks to represent  Africa, Korea, Japan, and China and South America! Thank you Mrs. Kilcoyne and the PTA Cultural Arts for bringing this program to Seely.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • 4th Grade Wax Museum

    Ms. Carpanzano's class brought famous people to "life" with their wax museum.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Seely 5th Graders on the News in Philadelphia

    Click here to see video.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Intergenerational Reading Project

    EHS Athletes visited Seely Place on Monday. They shared their favorite books with our Kindergarteners. Our second graders read their animal research reports to the high school students.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • 5th Graders Visit Philadelphia

    History came to life for the Fifth Grade when they visited Pennsbury Manor and Philadelphia this week.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • 4th Grade Native American Crafts

    Dream Catchers and Rain Sticks

    Seely Place Elementary School

Board of Education News

  • Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

    Due to the snow, the Tuesday, March 14th budget discussion has been rescheduled.

    The rescheduled budget discussion meeting will now be Friday, March 17th at 8am in the District Conference Room. 

    -All regular public meetings of the Board of Education are called to order at 7 p.m. in the EHS Library. There is then an immediate adjournment to Executive Session; public session reconvenes in the EHS LGI at 8:15 p.m





District News

  • Edgemont Alum's Photo Featured in Sports Illustrated

    Adam Glanzman, Edgemont Class of 2010, was recently honored by having his photograph chosen as the center spread in Sports Illustrated.  He has also had his work published in The New York Times, NASCAR,  and most major and national newspapers. 

    Click the link To View Adam's Amazing Work: http://tinyurl.com/huan67a

    Edgemont School District
  • Definition of a Union Free School District

    The New York State School Boards Association's School Law compendium (35th Edition), defines it as follows:

    "A union free school district is a school district generally formed from one or more common school districts to operate a high school program, which common school districts cannot do. First authorized by legislation in 1853, union free school districts are administered by a school board of between three and nine members."


    Edgemont School District