A Letter from Seely Place Principal Carol L. Bartlik


Dear Seely Place Families,

As the end of the first trimester is upon us I would like to share a few of the highlights of the past twelve weeks as well as some upcoming events.  Your children are involved in authentic learning experiences while they develop collaborative, creative and critical thinking skills.

  • Kindergarten - Study of Apples and Pumpkins with integrated curriculum related activities, Made apple cider, Understanding Community Helpers - Visit to the Greenville Firehouse, Celebration of Diwali, enjoyed storytelling and Music, Jim Keyes,   Thanksgiving and Native American Study, Reading with Book Buddies, Planting Corn and recording observations in corn journals, made vegetable soup, preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast
  • 1st Grade - Addition, subtraction, number stories, and geometry in math; family, the election, voting, past/present, pilgrims and the native Americans in social studies; weather in science; visits from Angelo DeCesare, and Mr. Green, and field trip to Philipsburg Manor to travel back in time Units of Study - Nonfiction
  • 2nd Grade - Understanding numbers to 1,000, addition & subtraction with regrouping, Community Building and Citizenship, Me on the Map - mapping skills and our location in the world, Plants and Seeds - visit to Greenwich Audubon, Colonial Life - visit to Wayside Cottage & colonial crafts in classrooms
  • 3rd Grade - History Boxes, Cultural Interviews, Senior Family Member Interviews, Reading- Hot and Cold Summer by Johanna Hurwitz, Math-focusing on multiplication facts and word problems, Science - just wrapped up our unit on Sun, Moon, and Stars, Writing- working on our In November pieces which are sure to include vivid, colorful language and many authors’ crafts.
  • 4th Grade - Practicing Scientific Method, Reading Fourth Grade Rats, Jerry Spinelli, Presenting “Book Talks,” Letters to the Hudson Valley Honor Flight recognizing local veterans for Veteran’s Day, Oral Current Event Reporting, Reading Buddies (K & 1st), “Be the Reason Someone Smiles” - decorating desserts for residents of the Coachman, Visits to Sprain Brook Manor Nursing Home, Participating in Hour of Code - December 8
  • 5th Grade - Social Studies: Geography, Invented Countries, Declaration of Independence web activity in conjunction with the Library of Congress, Constitution study; STEM: desk prototypes, Scientific Method, Solar System - including group projects; Math: place value, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, word problems..  ELA: friendly letters, writing to describe (our sneakers), to entertain (with scary stories) and to persuade (Assured writing), Reading: genre study (Historical Fiction, Bud Not Buddy) learning about the Great Depression, working on inference skills and providing evidence from the novel as support, Meeting with our Book Buddies in grades K. 1 and 2. Town Hall grade level meetings
  • 6th Grade - Science - displacement, ELA “The Raven”, SS - The Election - candidate brochures, Math- exploring area and perimeter of various polygons, computing with decimals using all operations, and students will also be planning a family holiday meal using a budget.


We look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming parent/teacher conferences!

Best regards,





School News

  • "Photo Ark" Seely Place Art with Mrs. Kilcoyne

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Colonial Crafts

    Second graders learned all about colonial life today when they churned butter, ground corn for hush puppies and made candles.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • New Facebook Page

    "Like" Greenville and Seely on Facebook!
    Greenville and Seely Place invite you to like our new Facebook page where you will find many interesting posts about life at Greenville and Seely!

    Here is the link to the page: https://www.facebook.com/Greenville-Seely-Place-Schools-189048698220570/


    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Greenville and Seely Place Parent Luncheon with Shelly Klein

    Fourth and fifth grade parents had an opportunity to meet Edgemont professional developer Shelly Klein today.  Shelly helped parents understand the work that she is doing with Edgemont teachers, and the model for reading instruction in these grades.  Shelly stressed the importance of reading to and with your children.

    Many thanks to the PTA for providing lunch.  

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Tanglewood Marionettes Visit Seely Place

    Thanks to the PTA and the Cultural Arts Committee, Seely Place students witnessed the magic and wonder of the Tanglewood Marionettes. Students learned a bit about puppetry and saw two classic tales come to life with beautiful marionettes .  Kindergarten, first and second graders delighted in the story of Sleeping Beauty, while upper grade students enjoyed the Greek Myth, Perseus and Medusa.  Tanglewood puppeteers answered questions after the performance.  The audience was amazed by their art work, craftsmanship and story telling.  Thank you Edgemont PTA for bringing us this amazing event!

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Take a Veteran to School

    Today we gathered to honor Veteran’s Day with a very special program. "Take a Veteran to School Day" is a national program that was developed by the History Channel to connect veterans with students throughout the US.
    Schools and communities invite veterans of all backgrounds to share their stories and receive thanks for their service.

    At Seely Place School, 4th-6th grade students and teachers assembled to honor the heroics, achievements, courage and dedication of our US veterans. We welcomed the opportunity to hear their stories and to thank them for their service and sacrifices.  The Veteran's joining us today were Seely's own, Mrs. Puglisi, Troy Smith, Tom Mooney and Joe Worley and his service dog Benjamin.

    Several distinguished guests also joined us today.

    Greenburgh Town Executive, Mr. Paul Feiner.
    Ms. Abbe Raven, Chairman Emeritus of A & E Networks (former Greenville parent)
    Katya Lanfant, Allison Aylward & Dan Ahouse (Altice USA-formerly Cablevision)
    From the History Channel, Jane Rice, Kim Gilmore & Jim Babchak(former Seely Parent)

    Several students read poems and Jeremie Peace led the students in song to honor our Veterans.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • 5th Grade "Design Thinking"

    Seely Place 5th Graders were introduced to the "Design Thinking" process this year in science. The very first step was recognizing all of the things around us that are designed/engineered. Next,  students created marshmallow bridges to span a gap, which was a mini-project designed to have students get comfortable with the idea of "failing forward." As part of the process, students interviewed a partner to find out their likes and dislikes related to school desks. Finally, students created a problem statement, solution statement, and brainstormed (Post-it photos) ideas to meet their partners needs. The final step was creating a prototype desk.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • "Seely Plays"

    Seely Place is happy to announce the addition of  new playground activities.  Thanks to the PTA we are excited to offer our students more choices at recess.   Imagination Playground and the “big blue blocks”  is an interactive, transformable environment that prompts children to think, collaborate and create together.  Imagination Playground addresses a wide spectrum of play needs through opportunities for fantasy and socio-cooperative play, in addition to more traditional running, jumping and climbing.  

    "Seely Plays" are new game templates painted on our blacktop,  ranging from Four Square to hopscotch to a map of the USA.  These games will provide opportunities for our students to play and learn together.

    Seely Place Elementary School

Board of Education News

  • Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

    Tuesday, December 13, 2016

    Regular Meeting

    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    Regular Meeting


     All regular public meetings of the Board of Education are called to order at 7 p.m. in the EHS Library. There is then an immediate adjournment to Executive Session; public session reconvenes in the EHS LGI at 8:15 p.m





District News

  • Definition of a Union Free School District

    The New York State School Boards Association's School Law compendium (35th Edition), defines it as follows:

    "A union free school district is a school district generally formed from one or more common school districts to operate a high school program, which common school districts cannot do. First authorized by legislation in 1853, union free school districts are administered by a school board of between three and nine members."


    Edgemont School District
  • A Message from Superintendent Dr. Victoria Kniewel

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year.

    Think back to your first U.S History course for a second. Surely it covered basics of presidential elections, term limits, and voting rights. But even if you remember the in's and out's of the electoral college system, I'd bet that facts like those are not the ones driving your opinions and your votes as we move toward a historically fascinating election in November. How well did your American history textbook prepare you for issues like the ones facing us today?



    Edgemont School District
  • Blanford Field is Open!

    Thanks to the overwhelming support of the Edgemont Community, it is time to celebrate the opening of our newly renovated Blanford Field at Edgemont Jr/Sr High School. We hope that your children will join us! The field looks fantastic and we want to share the excitement of opening it with the people we built it for: the students!

    Please join the Edgemont Recreation kindergarteners on Saturday, September 24 at 9:00am for  soccer on our new field. Coffee and donuts will be served (in the stands, not on the field).

    Please join the E Club for our Homecoming football game on Friday, October 7 at 7:00pm. Enjoy dinner and dessert from one of the local food trucks and watch the Edgemont Panthers tackle the Irvington Bulldogs on the new field. It promises to be an exciting game!

    For a full schedule of all Homecoming events, check out the E Club website - edgemonteclub.org 

    Edgemont School District