A Letter from Seely Place Principal Carol L. Bartlik


Dear Seely Place Families,

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the second trimester!  Once again I share with you grade level highlights of this trimester as well as some upcoming events.  Your children continue to be engaged learners who work collaboratively with teachers and their peers, to build the special learning environment that we have at Seely Place.

  • Kindergarten - ELA: Introducing the “Reading Superpowers”  Social Studies: New Year’s Resolutions, MLK Jr, Chinese New Year, Math- Position words, using 10 frames to create numbers to 20, further discussion of the concepts of more, fewer, & equal, Science: Winter, Snowflakes, Healthy Foods, The Heart & The 100th day of school-which is less than 25 school days away!
  • 1st Grade ELA: Continuing to explore story elements specifically making predictions and confirming predictions, reading non-fiction books paying close attention to the details on a page, Social Studies: Maps Skills, Continent study of Antarctica and Penguins, reading and discussing the life of Martin Luther King Jr., Science: Explorations with Magnets, visit from Mr. Greene to further our understanding of Magnets, Math: continuing to develop our addition and subtraction fluency, exploring non-standard measurement of objects, how to measure an object using a starting point.

  • 2nd Grade - ELA: Pam Hart poetry workshops for the next 4 Wednesdays,  Science: Animal classification and research projects on animals (cross curricular; reading/science/writing)
    Trip to the Bronx Zoo Math: Measurement, word problems and bar modeling, Social Studies: Civil Rights and Martin Luther King Jr. study
  • 3rd Grade - ELA: Third graders are in the planning stages of writing their autobiographies.  They are learning about "grabber" beginnings to capture attention, and working in family stories and a variety of crafts to hold attention throughout the book.  Social Studies: We are deep in conversations about MLK and the civil rights movement, as we share books and watch videos pertaining to life during that time frame. Math: We are multiplying and dividing multi digit numbers with and without regrouping. ScienceRecently completed a unit on magnetism.

  • 4th Grade - Social Studies: (Integrated Unit)Study of Native Americans and working on the following activities: Hosting Native American Craft day for our students, learning to weave with yarn and straws, stenciling with metal and Sharpies, writing "picture" stories with symbols,  Math:  Data and Probability, which covers averaging, mean, mode, range and interpreting data in new ways.  ELA: In reading, we are continuing our mini lessons on summarizing, identifying theme and meeting in small groups to discuss fiction text.  In writing, we will soon begin our second assured writing assignment which covers persuasive writing.  Our upcoming wax museums will happen on the following dates: Borella on Jan. 19, Edwards on Feb. 9th and  Carpanzano on Mar. 17th.
  • 5th Grade - ELA & Social Studies: Biography research on a figure from the American Revolution. Students will read and take notes on several biographies about their person, then work in a group to present the story of their person’s life with a particular focus on their lives before, during, and after the Revolution.  Math: 5th graders recently completed their fraction operations unit where we started by learning the basic functions of how to multiply and divide fractions while understanding the deeper concepts behind the work (ex. Dividing by 3 is the same as taking ⅓ of something [multiplying by ⅓]). We are currently creating surveys that will be used for our upcoming graphing project.  Science: We have been learning the parts and functions of microscopes. Students are currently doing experiments to help explore magnification. Next up we will be learning about cells and completing a new design thinking project based on the Seely Place morning drop off.  Social Studies: We have just finished learning about our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our amendments. Students enjoyed reading about different real world scenarios and discussing which of our rights were protected or not protected for each one. We are currently studying the growth and expansion of the United States. Students will soon learn in depth about Louis and Clark's expedition where they will then create their own Lewis and Clark journal entries in the point of view of one of the explorers!
  • 6th Grade - Math: We just finished our chapter on number patterns and fractions. Kids loved creating their own greatest common factor word problems and learning various methods to solve the problem. Currently we are adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. These skills will help prepare us for Mrs. Barry's "Souper" Bowl at the end of the month. Kids are working hard on monthly challenges and earning extra "Barry Bucks."  Science: We are working on our chemistry unit. We also have been coding using the robots Dash and Ozobot and doing some reverse engineering by taking apart the school's old phones. The Global Cardboard Challenge is coming up. Students will be showcasing their arcade games in the lower gym on Wednesday, February 15. The third, fourth, and fifth graders, along with students’ parents have been invited to come and play.  ELA: We have studied several different styles of poetry and are writing poetry in those styles.  We had a "Bring Your Own Tech" day where students brought in phones or cameras to take pictures of nature.  These pictures helped inspire our Haiku writing!  Social Studies: Students are working on a Google slides presentations about a current event, which will be presented to the class at the end of the month. We are also studying Early People and the Beginning of Civilization.

That is what is happening at Seely Place!

Best regards,





Around Our School

School News

  • 6th Grade Arcade Day

    Sixth graders explored physics, game development, and engineering through the creation of cardboard arcade games.  The games were "tested" today by  Seely students who had an opportunity to play the games and even win a few prizes!



    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Enjoying recess in the snow!

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Chinese Ribbon Dancing

    Seely Kindergarteners learn about the Chinese art of ribbon dance while watching a classmate's grandparent perform. Children had an opportunity to try the ribbon swirl.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • A Sweet Math Lesson

    Fourth graders learn probability with Trix!

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Music of the Earth

    Thank you Seely Place PTA Cultural Arts for bringing "Music of the Earth" to our students today. This musical performance was presented by Journeys through Music.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • 4th Grade Book Talks

    Mrs. Edward's 4th graders participated in "book talk groups"  this week.  Small groups of students sat together to share and discuss their current independent books.  The kids loved hearing all about what their friends were reading. 

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Fourth Grade Wax Museum

    Mrs. Borella's 4th grade students brought history to life today with their "Wax Museum" project. Students researched and prepared a brief speech about the life a famous person in history. They wrote their speech in the first person. Today they dressed as the person they wrote about and presented their speech to "museum" guests.

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Rebecca Stead Visits Seely 5th & 6th Graders

    Rebecca Stead is best known for her young adult novel, When You Reach Me.  She was awarded the 2010 Newbery Medal for this work.  To learn more about Ms. Stead visit her website.


    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Tangram Exploration

    Today, D. Mumford's Kindergarteners and Mr. Beale's 5th graders met for their Buddies visit. They watched the video, A Sage's Journey - The Story of Tangrams!  This video is based on a children's book about the origin of tangrams.  It is the story of the sage whose task was to bring the glass square over the mountains, the desert, and the river for the Emperor's palace. Unfortunately, he falls down the mountain and breaks the square in 7 pieces. The Emperor gets annoyed, but when the sage tells the Emperor that he can make so many things with the broken pieces(the sage had made a boat to cross the water, and a camel to cross the desert, etc.), the Emperor forgets all about getting mad at him as he is too busy playing!

    Seely Place Elementary School
  • Fifth Grade Readers

    Fifth grade readers are exploring the structure of nonfiction text.  They are "cutting up" a nonfiction article and "putting in back together" by identifying main idea and organizing paragraphs.

    Seely Place Elementary School

Board of Education News

  • Upcoming Board of Education Meetings

     Tuesday, February 28, 2017

    Regular Meeting/Budget Discussion

    Tuesday, March 7, 2017

    Regular Meeting/Budget Work Session


     All regular public meetings of the Board of Education are called to order at 7 p.m. in the EHS Library. There is then an immediate adjournment to Executive Session; public session reconvenes in the EHS LGI at 8:15 p.m





District News

  • Edgemont Alum's Photo Featured in Sports Illustrated

    Adam Glanzman, Edgemont Class of 2010, was recently honored by having his photograph chosen as the center spread in Sports Illustrated.  He has also had his work published in The New York Times, NASCAR,  and most major and national newspapers. 

    Click the link To View Adam's Amazing Work: http://tinyurl.com/huan67a

    Edgemont School District
  • Definition of a Union Free School District

    The New York State School Boards Association's School Law compendium (35th Edition), defines it as follows:

    "A union free school district is a school district generally formed from one or more common school districts to operate a high school program, which common school districts cannot do. First authorized by legislation in 1853, union free school districts are administered by a school board of between three and nine members."


    Edgemont School District