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Fourth Grade Scientists In Action!
Edgemont UFSD

Recently, Seely Place fourth-grade scientists examined very colorful specimens: Skittles! Students are learning about the steps in the Scientific Method, so each group came up with a hypothesis to this question: Do Skittles dissolve faster in warm or cold water?  Take a look at our fourth graders in action below, and more photos are available here.

Seely Place in Full Swing!
Edgemont UFSD

We may only be a few weeks in, but at Seely, teaching and learning is well underway. Take a look at our classrooms! 

The Seely Place 2021 Moving Up Ceremony
Edgemont UFSD

Congratulations to Seely Place's Class of 2021! We are so proud of our 6th graders and how they have led the way for our school this year. We will miss them all, but we can't wait to see what their future holds. Here are a few photos from our fabulous Moving Up ceremony:

Greenville and Seely Place Math Olympiads Participants Are Top Scorers!
Edgemont UFSD

The Summer Olympics may not have started yet, but here in Edgemont, we've already had great Math Olympiads! A not-for-profit corporation dedicated to stimulating enthusiasm, fostering creativity, and strengthening intuition in mathematical problem-solving, the Math Olympiads program involves a 30-minute contest every month. Students explore mathematical concepts while developing flexibility in solving non-routine problems with multiple solution paths. Twenty-four students from Seely and Greenville were recognized for scoring within the top 50% of all participants. They earned a patch and a trophy for each school.  One student, Adrianna Jabbour from Seely Place, scored in the top 2% and earned a gold pin. 

Congratulations to:

Rhea Chaudhary

Arjun Gupta

Amin Haq

Ryan Hoef

Ryan Hu

Gabriel Hwang

Adrianna Jabbour

Alwin Jing

Samuel Kang

Arick Khanna

Arjun Khanna

Rahil Kumar

Emma Li

Alice Qian

Rohan Rao

Rohan Seth

Anika Shah

Ethan Tai

Justin Tai

Evan Mak

Sebastian Tomas

Thevin Vithanage

Randy Wang

Emily Xie

Join us in celebrating the success of all our Math Olympiads!