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Writing Share
Brent Kammerer

Our second grade students sharing their first writing pieces with their fifth grade buddies.  After sharing their writing, the students read a story together and then did a Jack-o-Lantern art project!  


Seely Place Votes
Edgemont Tech Dept.

On November 5, before the country votes, Seely Place students had the chance to vote!  They voted for one of three special Seely opportunities - Pajama Day, No Homework Day, or Movie in your Class.  The winner will be announced on November 7.  We are excited to see what is the winner, although early polling interviews show that Movie in your Class is the overall favorite.

Seely Signature
Edgemont Tech. Dept.

Look at this group for our first Seely Signature meeting of the year.  Seely Signature is our school-wide newspaper.  Our Seely Place students write and edit the Seely Signature.  #seelypride


Author Visit - Helen Perelman Bernstein
Edgemont Tech Dept.

Helen Perelman Bernstein, author and Edgemont Parent, visits with our first grade students.  Ms. Bernstein is the author and an editor of children's books and young adult books.  She wrote Super Sweet 13 and the Candy Fairies series.  Our students enjoyed her presentation and asked super sweet questions.





STEM: Designing Structures
Brent Kammerer

Our fourth grade students were challenged to create the tallest structure possible using raw spaghetti with a marshmallow on the top.