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Science in the Classroom
Seely Place

Our fourth grade students participated in a hands-on learning activity with the Hudson River Clearwater team.  The students had the chance to examine aquatic invertebrates and fish drawn from the estuary of the Hudson River.

Students study articles on trays

Teacher works with students studying aquatic creatures

students at table study items in tray

girl stands next to microscope

Image of a cell

teacher explains lesson to students sitting around table

information sheet of insect varieties

Students sitting in the classroom
Edgemont Tech Department

Take a peek inside the classroom at Seely Place. So much learning, so many happy faces!


class standing for Pledge of Allegiance

students sitting under smartboard

girl working on laptop

students sitting at their desk

classroom with green rug in center

kids sitting on classroom rug

students gathered at their desks

kids sitting at round desks in the classroom

young students in their desks in class

students at desks smile for camera

classroom full of children

table full of kids working on art project

students standing on risers during music class

students look at smartboard in classroom

students sit on floor listening to teacher

students gathered at their desks

teachers slide on the smartbaord

students sitting at desk in comfortable chairs

Seely Place Centennial Celebration
Edgemont Tech Dept

We’re celebrating Seely Place Elementary School’s 100th Birthday and we’d like for you to join us for this wonderful milestone.  When Seely Place opened in 1922, it was the first and only school in Edgemont.  Seely Place has played an instrumental role in our community and its 100th birthday is truly a reason for the whole community to celebrate.  


We would like to invite you to join us at the Seely Place Centennial celebration on June 3 from 4:00 - 7:00 pm.  Our hope is to bring together past and present students, families, and school personnel in recognition of 100 years of Seely Place and Edgemont.


Please click below to learn more about the celebration and to RSVP: e/seely-place-centennial-celebration-tickets-303829180257


We look forward to celebrating with you on June 3rd. Please share this link with others who attended Seely Place, Greenville, or Edgemont Jr/Sr High School.  All are welcome to attend!


Warm regards,

Your Seely Place Centennial Planning Committee,


Eve Feuerstein, Seely Place Principal. Julia Huang, Seely Place Assistant Principal, 

Sandra Nam Cioffi ‘98, I-Fong Sun Lehman ‘95, Gabrielle Kornfeld Maxwell ‘00, Fawn Mendel ‘94, and Dylan Frackman Pyne ‘08 



Sixth Grade Bridge Challenge
Edgemont Tech Dept.

 Our students were tasked with drawing a model of a bridge that would be able to stand at least 14 cm long and not touch the ground.  The student then took their design and brought it to life with toothpicks, cups and marshmallows.  The creativity in the class was outstanding!



Celebrating the Lunar New Year
Edgemont Tech Dept.

On February 1 Seely Place celebrated the Lunar New Year.  This is the year of the tiger!  We were fortunate to have a lion dance celebration to end our day!