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A Lonely Place
Edgemont Tech Dept

Seely Place is a lonely place during distance learning.  Ms. Feuerstein was in the building and missed seeing the Seely community in the halls and rooms.  We hope to be back together soon.


Sending Peace, Love, and Seely
E News

The Seely Place principals have organized an amazing way to foster community, even while practicing social distancing. Principal Eve Feuerstein and Assistant Principal Julia Huang have begun a school wide project to send encouragement to all those people working so tirelessly at the frontlines, such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. 

Notes, drawings, and letters have been submitted and then shared digitally to all applicable work places, such as pharmacies, grocery stores, medical facilities, and local hospitals. A small sampling of photos is below, but click here for a slideshow of more. 

If you would like to participate please email submissions to or

Edgemont wants to show our appreciation and gratitude during this difficult time. This simple gesture can go a long way in building morale.

Seely Honking Parade

Wednesday, April 8th, the Seely Place teachers drove through the streets of Edgemont to honk and wave to all their students. Many older kids came to see their past teachers as well. It was a big morale boost and everyone enjoyed seeing friends from a safe distance away.