News Collection


Fourth Grade Colonial Day
Carol Bartlik

Colonial Day is a highlight of fourth grade each year. The social studies curriculum culminates with this day where students are living history.  On Friday, June 1, students, parents and teachers traveled back in time to the Colonial era.  Students were dressed in costume with tricorn caps, vests, short-gowns and petticoats as they rotated through learning stations throughout the day.  They participated in hands on activities including dancing, butter churning, stenciling and writing with quill pens.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious Colonial lunch thanks to the efforts of the fourth grade parents, teachers and volunteers.


Seely Place Spirit Day 2018
Carol Bartlik

On Thursday, May 24th Seely Place celebrated Spirit Day.  Students dressed in blue and white to show their school spirit.  They rotated through games and relays that were created and supervised by Seely Place 6th graders.  Many thanks to the EHS A-School students and Ms. Robinson and Mr. Wood who helped to make this awesome day a huge success!


Pencils for Puerto Rico
Carol Bartlik

Mrs. Borella’s class is sewing pencil pouches from ties and will donate them to school children in the region most devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Seely Place students are donating one new pencil for our pencil drive! If every student brings in one pencil we will have collected over 500 pencils to donate. This is another example of how we support one of our strategic goals: “Create authentic opportunities to foster students' understanding of their roles as local and global citizens.”





Fourth Grade Visits Center for the Urban River at Beczak
Carol Bartlik

Students participated in the beach seining program.  This involved dragging a large 30 foot seine net with two poles on each end through the water to catch various Hudson River species. Students wore chest waders to keep dry while assisting the educators with dragging the seine net.  The fourth graders had the opportunity to have hands-on interaction with the animals caught including blue crabs, striped bass, American eels and shrimp. They discussed the importance of preserving the estuary so that these species can survive.

The center's mission is to establish a regional hub for research and to monitor and focus on Hudson River estuary and urban watershed issues.  



Fourth Graders Study The Bronx River
Carol Bartlik

Fourth grade students worked with Clearwater instructors to study the ecology and history of Bronx River.  They explored ​​the river bank and used old maps to determine the changes over time to the river, including the human influence on water quality.  Students worked in teams in the water, using kick nets to collect macroinvertebrates.  They compared pond species to those found in the Bronx River.