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Arcade Day
Carol Bartlik

The sixth graders participated in The Global Cardboard Challenge by creating arcade games out of recycled materials using the engineer design process. On March 9, they showcased these games to their classmates, parents, and the third and fourth graders at Arcade Day. 


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Sixth Grade Robotics
Carol Bartlik

The Edisons have arrived! Seely Place sixth graders use their Edison robots to learn computational thinking and computer programming in a hands-on way.  






Nick Bruel Visits Seely Place
Carol Bartlik

Nick Bruel, the author/illustrator of the Bad Kitty books, visited Seely Place 1st and 2nd graders this week. 

He spoke about how he begins writing his books (with a title), how he gets his ideas (he thinks of things that are important to kids) and also demonstrated how he draws Bad Kitty and gives her emotions since she does not speak.  With his guidance, the children, as a group, created a story and learned that the secret to story writing is to "Always Ask Yourself Questions."  He encouraged them to read as much as possible if they want to write stories and reminded them that something, like writing a story, can be fun and hard work at the same time.





A Day In Clay
Carol Bartlik


Third graders experience "A Day in Clay" with visiting artist Alicia Zeitler.  They used clay and their imaginations to create multicultural masks.








Follow the Directions!
Carol Bartlik

In reading workshop Seely 4th graders have been working on following procedures and directions and the importance of this skill when they read nonfiction. Each center focused on following directions and procedures in order to complete an activity. 
-Six layer density- Is it possible to stack 6 different layers of liquid on top of each other without them mixing? 
-Virtual Escape Room use chrome books
-Making an origami Cup 
-Creating a drawing following step by step instructions.